24hr gym membership? What’s the deal?

So some of you have probably seen or are even a part of our 24hr training, we decided with busy lives and families that the Workout Mill should be accessible at any time of the day or night! So you can have “24hr power”.

What’s involved? 
We ask you to sign up and complete waivers, respect your fellow trainers and the environment.
You will be given an access code and card in order to enter the Workout Mill.
You will have access to the whole of the gym and any of the equipment you should need.
After that the rest is up to you…

We always try to have our members in mind and make changes that will suit their lifestyles and help them to maintain their training at all times. We hope you will and can reap the benefits from 24hr training at the Mill. If you want to enquire about 24hr training, please contact reception on workoutmill@yahoo.co.uk or 01926 338848.

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